An extraordinary education doesn’t come free

Carl Hankey is an extraordinary school. Just this past year our middle school teacher Sherri George was recognized as Capistrano Unified’s Middle School Teacher of the Year, and our elementary school earned the California Department of Education’s Distinguished School Award! These achievements were due in large part to our International Baccalaureate program.

IB is an internationally renowned education program that provides our students instruction in subjects that even the state of California doesn’t require.  Hankey students get all the standard classroom curriculum PLUS:

  • Foreign language — Hankey is the only local, non-immersion public school that provides foreign language instruction to all its students in grades 1st – 8th.
  • Technology — This includes computer classes (K-5th)as well as exploring the use of technology in problem-based learning scenarios (6th-8th).
  • Visual and Performing Arts — Our students receive instruction in music techniques, as well as music appreciation and art.
  • Physical Education — Every Hankey child gets regular Physical Education, which has been cut or significantly reduced in other public schools.

And IB integrates classroom discussion of subjects, teaching our students to critically consider ideas from different points of view while illustrating natural connections in the world (visit for more information). All this adds up to more academic success, a higher rate of college acceptance, and a more informed, intelligent citizen.

For a price…

IB isn’t free. In fact, it costs our school nearly $100,000 a year more than is budgeted from public funds to give our students this extraordinary education. The Hankey community must raise the money ourselves through generous donations from our local business partners and involved parents and concerned citizens like you.

Please make a donation today and help provide this extraordinary education for our students.

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