Do the math

How much do you spend on your kids’ extracurricular activities? After school classes offered through CUSD range from $80 to $140 per class; AYSO is $99 to $120 for a season; local dance studios charge up to $140 a month. A family with two kids can easily spend more than $1,000 a year on extras.

Now consider how much we spend on our kids’ education. Most of us don’t consider writing a check to our public school — even if our school, like our sports teams — asks for it. 

While extracurriculars are fun and help build well-rounded kids, it is education that will help our kids succeed in the 21st Century. Carl Hankey School, in particular, is providing an exceptional education for our students. Our International Baccalaureate program is world renowned in its rigor and relevance. We are asking you to support you child’s education through a voluntary donation today.

If each Hankey family gives just $103 per student we can give your child a full school year’s worth of extraordinary education.

So please give today by clicking on the DONATE button above.

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